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Let us help you host and manage your online content!

Only $10 a year for UNLIMITED file uploads, page views, downloads, and edits. Let us host your splash pages. We will never put any advertisement on your pages, supports PHP forms, JavaScript, XHTML, and most popular image types.

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Is there a FREE version?


No, there is not a free version of this service, due to hosting and bandwidth costs, but we think that $10 a year is pretty inexpensive for what it is, shop around, then come back and buy from us. This service is included for free if you subscribe to our rotator service.

What Is It?
  This service allows you to view, upload, and edit files. Use it to host your advertising splash or capture pages for an ad-free customer experience. Our super easy WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Style Editor makes it super easy to edit and create splash and capture pages.
What do I get?
  You get to host your pages here and allow your viewers to browser your pages. This service allows pages to be modified and viewed an unlimited amount of times, and there is no cap on how many files you can upload or how often you can edit them using our full featured HTML editor. YOU ALSO GET: Free access to our Rotator Service, purchase your year membership here and get free premium access to our rotator service. You Also get Unlimited Access to our Auto Responder to start building and emailing your list AND you get free unlimited access to create your very own custom Promo Page to promote your programs, products, and referral IDs. FTP Service Available upon Request.
Are there any refferal bonuses?
  Absolutely! You can choose to pay either $10 for a YEAR of service, OR, if you refer 10 people to this site, you can renew a year for free, there is no limit to how many years you can add on!
How do I get Referrals?

We have a splash page and referral link for your use, you can add your referral splash page into your rotator, or advertise the link elsewhere. Of course gathering referrals is totally optional, you can pay $10 a year in lieu of gathering 10 referrals a year.

You can also get Random Referrals, when no referral ID is entered, one will be randomly assigned!

Can I Register using Referrals only?
  Yep! You don't have to pay a dime today! If you prefer you can wait until you get 10 referrals and turn that in to activate your account.
How can I make sure I'm getting my refferals?
  Your referral ID is locked in! When someone goes to the page using your refferal link, even if they delete or modify your name or id info, it is saved in the session so you will still get credit!
Is Payment Secure?
  Of Course! We *ONLY* use PayPal, the world leader in online secure transactions, so you can rest assured that your personal information is not going to be exposed. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, simply use any debit or credit card.
Why do you want my Email Address?
  Your Email address is used for 2 purposes. 1) To login. 2) To send you instructions once you sign up. You will never receive another e-mail from us or any affiliate, your information will never be exposed to or sold to third parties.
What if I have several years of service, will I have to worry about it expiring or the website disappearing?
  No Way! Insidmal Design is a registered company in the state of Oregon since 1998, This site WILL NOT be going anywhere! If it is removed from the internet, I will refund all remaining yours in service IN DOUBLE! That's how confident I am that this website will be available for decades to come, I will pay you back double if otherwise.
I would like to talk to a real person and have more questions about this..
  No Problem! Use the "Contact Us" Link above and I will personally reply to you within 24 hours.

Please review Insidmal Design's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.